Facts & Figures

Did you know…

That the province of Flevoland was founded in 1986? It used to be open sea.

There are about 1 million Dutchies who live outside of the Netherlands.

There are about 2 million people in the Netherlands who are not born in this country.

In Den Haag alone, there are over 500 playgrounds.

There are 120-155 days with rain in the Netherlands.

Over 4 million Dutch households own a pet.

We have about 5000 registered GP’s.

There are bout 380.000 expats in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands currently has 11 red light districts.

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport.

Of the entire labour force 45% works part time.

The Dutch coast line is about 523km and covers 3 different seas.

A heatwave in the Netherlands is when for 5 executive days 25 degrees
or more is measured, and at least 3 of those days are 30 degrees or over. 

There are over 35.000 vacation homes for rent available in this country.

The sun shines 1400 to 1700 hours per year in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has over 1300 medieval castles,
30 zoo’s and 300 petting zoo’s.

The highest point of the Netherlands is “Vaalserberg”
It measures 323 meter above sea level.

Holland is part of the Netherlands, 
but the Netherlands and Holland are not the same.
Holland mostly refers to the western coastal part of the country.
Called North and South Holland and has cities like:
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and Den Haag.

There are over 1000 working mills in the Netherlands.

About 30% of all Dutchies is born at home.

Schiphol airport is built at the bottom
of a (former) lake named “Haarlemmermeer”,
4 meters below sea level. 
It’s the only big airport in the
world below sea level. It’s also the oldest
international airport in the world that is
still in it’s original spot.

The average Dutch woman is 1.67cm.
The average Dutch man is 1.81cm.

If you differ more than 5 cm from the average
you are part of the 5% of the population that is
either the tallest or the shortest of the country.

Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-1890) painted over 2000 paintings
in 10 years. His post-impressionistic work is mostly known for
the starry night and the sunflowers.

There are about 1000 museums in the Netherlands.

Archeologists found remains of cheese making pottery
that date back to 800BC & Julius Caesar noticed our love
for cheese as well, he even wrote about it in his diary in 57BC.

May is traditionally the start of the wedding season
in the Netherlands. Dutchies were the first country
to legalize gay marriage back in 2001.
In 2019 over 2400 gay couples got married.

Dutchies own 25 million bikes.
The average person bikes 2.5 kilometer per day.
That’s 900 kilometer per year.

Wondering why on Kingsday we add an orange banner?
Queen Wilhelmina (the kings great grandmother) added this
to the flag in 1937 as a sign of loyalty.

When it comes to English as a second language,
Dutchies score very well .

They are (as of 2019) in fact #1.

Over 17 million people on 42.543km2 makes the Netherlands 
the most densely populated country in the EU.

411 people. That’s how many people
the Netherlands has per square kilometer.

Gin is a Dutch invention. It’s called “jenever” by Dutchies.
It was used as a medicine in the 16th century.

75% of flowerbulbs worldwide 
come from Dutch soil.

There are over 80 different type
of licorice in the Netherlands,
and each person eats about 2kg of licorice per year.

15 kilometers per hour, the speed limit at low traffic residential area’s.

There are 7.740.984 available houses
Of which 57% is owned at an average price of 230.000
The rest is available for rent
4% is vacant

In 2019 the Netherlands had 17.282.163 inhabitants

The biggest age group is 45-65 year old people
75.8% is Dutch origin
24.2% is not
13.4% has a non Western background

Some random numbers about our population –
55236 are Iraqi
4218 are from Guyana
and 2 are from Guam

48.5% of the people in the Netherlands is married
7.8% is divorced

Raw herring with chopped raw onions is a national dish,
in fact Dutchies annually eat about 12 million kilo’s.
That is equivalent to 5 fishes per person.