Dutch stories

This blog is for the non-Dutchies, and for the Dutchies interested in (mis)communication between cultures. The goal is to create a sense of understanding. Communication theories and models are used throughout the blogs to help to create and clarify the concepts behind people’s behaviour.

Dutch stories links you to blogs, interviews and research on the subject of intercultural (mis)communication.

What to expect? Personal stories of expats, diplomats, refugees and newbie Dutchies of their personal encounters with “The Dutch”. The first three interviews with expats and refugee can be found in the folder interviews. Stories about personal encounters linked to theories on communication by me. The stories, about my own cultural experience and observations can be found in the folder blog. Theoretical articles on various to communication related subjects, to help closely understand how miscommunication arises in intercultural settings. These articles to be found in the menu folder research.