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cropped-image21.jpegConnecting all the bubbles: increasing your results!

After more than a decade of experience in the field of international communication I am now providing strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services which assist organisations in improving productivity and overall performance when it comes to diverse teams. More about my background can be read here.

Do you recognize any of the following:

  • Your diverse team faces difficulties to establish agreed Key Performance Indicators for your projects.
  • Your team members have different values, which lead to miscommunication and misconception.
  • The team is becoming more diverse, but the company protocols are not changing along.

I will be able to help out!

Examples of how my knowledge and experience will contribute to train your team:

  • From addressing culture and cultural dimensions at work, to making them practical at your workplace.
  • From theories behind corporate culture to linking your corporate values to the diverse personal motivation of your employees.
  • From cultural differences in verbal and non-verbal communication to diversity and inclusion throughout your company.
  • From managing and international team to making your team members fully settle in your team.
  • From intercultural sensitivity to increasing the intercultural competence of your team to ensure inclusion.

Organisations function in circles in which decisions are made and executed. Creating a rather natural structure. Natural structures are situational and changeable, which asks for an agile approach. Agile projects create self directing teams in which I can function as a coach that focuses on attitude and behavior of the teams. I can point out the difficulties and bottlenecks and in the same time set examples in how to handle feedback properly and encourage team members to give proactive feedback in a safe environment.

This video elaborates on the learning goals and outcomes of the 4 training programs:
1. Cultural awareness
2. Being successful as an expat
3. Working with a specific culture
4. Managing an international team

This video takes you through the consultancy process:

References and specific examples available upon request.

Initial exploring is free of charge (up to 2 hours) and can take place at your company or at an external location. After that hourly rates apply.

Based on the intake we can establish a plan that will include an analysis of your specific challenges, a road map and expected results.

These will be tailored to your specific situation as in the field of intercultural communication there are no two cases alike!

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