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This section will lead you to the books & magazines I recently read on the subjects of culture and communication.

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Global Communication
Cees Hamelink is a well known academic who is dedicated to the field of international communications. His book Global Communication explores the history, present and future of global communication with focus on theory, method and context. A lovely, user friendly and clear book with lots of illustrating examples.


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This book will help you discover where your fit in. The subtitle: “Find your people, create community & live a more connected life” says it all. The book is widely loved by expats and other “newbies”. The book helps you to act & connect, to create a purpose and to feel like you belong to yourself and to your community.




Journal of Intercultural Communicationboek 2
The goal of this journal is to promote research but also education and training in the area of intercultural communication. The world today is characterized by an ever growing number of contacts resulting in communication between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This communication takes place because of contacts within the areas of business, education, media, but also because of immigration brought about by labor shortage or political conflicts. In all these contacts, there is communication which needs to be as constructive as possible, without misunderstandings and breakdowns.

Journal of Language & Intercultural Communication
This journal promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the interplay between language and intercultural communication. It welcomes research into intercultural communication, particularly where it explores the importance of linguistic aspects; and research into language, especially the learning of foreign languages, where it explores the importance of intercultural perspectives.


Culture’s Consequencesboek 2
This book is an oldie, I read it for the first time in University, and even back then it was an oldie. The well knows Hofstede dimensions reach only up to four in this book: Individualism, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance and Masculinity. On the Hofstede website you can read that currently we are up to 6 dimensions. Nevertheless, this book gives a valuable insight on how to understand differences among cultures.

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Intercultural communication
Where the previous book is an oldie, this book is a newbie. Released in 2018. The book got my attention because it approaches intercultural communication in relation to globalisation, education and dialogue in multicultural societies. Which I believe are all three very much on point at the moment.




Servant-leadership across cultures
This book is divided in three parts. Servant-leadership in a nutshell is part one, part two focusses on intercultural practice and part three describes a systematic approach to servant-leadership. The second part very clearly visualises the seven types of dilemma’s related to servant-leadership. It discusses dilemma’s such as “control versus passion” and “specific versus diffuse”.

Culture map


The culture map
This book focusses on communicating across cultures in the global economy and addresses various subjects in a practical way. It discusses subjects such as “the many different faces of politeness” and “how much respect do you want?”

Managing across cultures




Managing across cultures
This is not a new book, in fact the version I have is from 2002. I am recommending this book though, because in my opinion it is a very accessible book that addresses literature on culture and management in order to discover international differences in management practice. Besides the clear relations between cultural differences and daily business practice it uses many examples.

Waves of culture


Riding the waves of culture
This book is already a classic when it comes to understanding diversity in global business. As a MSc in corporate communication, and a deep love for cultural diversity this book was a must read for me. This book brings you beyond cross-cultural awareness and helps you to see how you can make strategic advantage of cultural differences.


Understanding cross man


Understanding cross-cultural management
This book discusses how to effectively manage across national and cultural boundaries. It shows how to be aware and how to develop competencies that lead to management succes in intercultural settings.



Monocle magazine June



Monocle – Magazine
Monocle is a monthly magazine that was launched as a way to brief on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. Monocle focusses on a globally minded audience of readers who are hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders.

Lonely planet



Lonely Planet – The Netherlands
For those non Dutchies interested in the highlights of the Netherlands. Tradition and innovation intertwine here: artistic masterpieces, windmills, tulips and candlelit cafés coexist with groundbreaking architecture, cutting-edge design and phenomenal nightlife. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Netherlands, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice.


Monocle forecast


Monocle – The Forecast
Every year Monocole launches a forecast. They call it “a view beyond the horizon”, and for sure that’s what it is. A magazine filled with essays, photo’s, travels, business and culture, lots of culture.




BBC world Histories


BBC World Histories
BBC offers a”fresh perspective on our global past” In their World Histories magazines. Want to know more about the history behind todays news? Than this is your pick.



Intercultural sensitivity Nunez



Intercultural sensitivity
Interested in the stages between denial: “there are no cultural differences, because Starbucks can be found in every country”  to cultural competence, where you keep your identity while naturally integrating aspects of other cultures? Than Intercultural Sensitivity is the book that in a very easy to understand way explains the stages of going from cultural differences to cultural understanding.


Primates of park avenua


Primates of Park Avenue
Are you more into novels? Than a less scientific pick like Wednesday Martins Primates of Park Avenue might be just the book for you. Wednesday is a cultural critic who has an amazing way of incorporating cultural anthropology in the unraveling of the inhabitants of Park Avenue.



Cross Cultural Communication



Cross-Cultural Communication
This is a book that is often used for students, as it explains the basics of cross cultural communication is a clear manner. The most common theories and models are explained well in this book. Do you want to start at the basics? Than this is your pick.