Make them coming back for more!

In my last blog I wrote about “finding your kind of people”. Based on the book “Belong” by Radha Agrawal. Today’s blog is about nurturing your community: once you found your kind of people, how do you make them coming back for more? As with everything in live: you sow what you reap. The more you put into your newly found friends, the more they will put into you. I’m assuming this is nothing new to most people, but when you are an expat, or any other newbie in a foreign country, the cultural aspect makes it more difficult.

For example, what are the cultural rules when it comes to listening, taking initiative , being accountable & giving gifts. Just to name a few. According to Radha the release of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonine & endorphins (D.O.S.E. as she calls it) plays a big part in the formula to find true belonging. As you can see in the examples in the video below the way we achieve for example an oxytocin rush is culturally determined. For example: is this a country of “huggers” of a country of “high fivers”?

This is what I am refering to in the first paragraph when I’m addressing cultural rules when it comes to listening, taking initiative , being accountable & giving gifts. Many of these rules are unwritten, embedded in our cultural history. Knowing these motives, and recognising them is exactly how you can make your newly found community “come back for more”.

To be able to do that you need to not only be aware of your own culture, but you also need to find the way in which you can anticipate to the culture of your host country. In order to do this you can apply intercultural communication management. This can be done on an individual basis, or on a team basis.

Want to know more about how intercultural communication management can help you or your team anticipate? Dialogue with the Dutch can help you discover the secrets to adapt & succeed in the Netherlands. Knowing and applying intercultural communication management will help you build your social network & settle in pleasantly. Look at the consultancy options Dialogue with the Dutch offers, or contact me directly.

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