Where to find your kind of people?

In other words, how to create your personal community in the Netherlands? A big question or quest, for all expats arriving in the Netherlands. Although work related passion has let you to this country, most expats don’t want hang out solely in the “expat bubble”, where to find like minded Duchies though? How to create that “easy living” that I am referring to on the homepage? Radha Agrawal wrote about this subject in her book “Belong”. According to her there are four stages of creating your own community:

  1. exploratory- discover what is out there and what excites you.
  2. participatory- find 2 or 3 groups you would like to be part of.
  3. outer core – large group of people with similar values and interests to yours.
  4. inner core – 3 to 10 friends who make you feel the most secure.

She says: “To find your people, you have to be willing – and generous – with your energy” evenly important is to know what gives you energy!

It’s totally understandable that when you arrive in a new country every so many years you initially stick to what you know: the expat life, that cosy bubble that’s almost like home to you. For those curious to know how to escape that expat bubble though, to see how you would belong in the local community by exploring options and investing energy, there is such thing as “escaping the expat bubble”, making Dutch friends. Here are some advices from fellow expats:

escaping the expat bubble

And of course Dialogue with the Dutch is here to help you get that Dutch lifestyle going! If you want to know how I can help you check out my consultancy page or just send me a direct message.

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