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Hi there, welcome! I am a Dutchie. One with a passion for communication and miscommunication. For both work and leisure, I travelled to over 50 countries in the past years. It was on one of those trips, I was working in South Korea at the time, when I started an online conversation with an American guy from oriental descent. Turned out both of us where starting a job in The Hague area around the same time. Long story short, after lots of miscommunication we got married.

Communication always had my interest. I studied the subject for my MA in Utrecht and for my MSc in Aberdeen, for years now I have been a passionate lecturer at several institutions. My specialization focuses in the field of cultural awareness. Part of my passion also lays in the Dutch culture (yes, that does exist). I have been a Dutch culture and language coach for the Refugee Council, teaching the newbies about the Dutch language and culture.

I am starting this blog because besides communication I’ve always been interested in cultures. I feel blessed to have friends from all over the world to practice the awkward cultural situations with and to learn from one another. That’s when Dialogue-with-the-Dutch was born, to reach out to the outside world and share awesome stories and impressions with more people.

Any specific topics you would love to see covered? Please do share your thoughts! Next week the first blog post will become available. A blog that focusses on cosmopolitanism, to be more precise: The construction of a cosmopolitan mind-set.

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Photo by The Lord Of The Lens on Unsplash