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Culture labs focusses on social cohesion through cultural intelligence:
Cultural intelligence is the ability to make sense
of unfamiliar contexts and then blend in without losing who you are.
It has three components: the cognitive, the physical, and the motivational.

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Consulting expertise

  1. Organisational effectiveness – Does your organisation have the right people, structure and processes in place to achieve the goals of your culturally diverse team?
  2. Culture transformation – Does your corporate or team culture positively influence your employees’ engagement?
  3. Employee experience – Does your company attract, engage and develop high skilled and high performing culturally diverse employees?

Diversity & Inclusion

Companies that create culturally diverse and inclusive work environments are proven to be more adaptable, durable, innovative and creative. They are magnets that attract top talent and therefore Dialogue with the Dutch strongly believes diverse and inclusive companies benefit both employee & employer. Practically this means that diversity and inclusion should be visible in a company’s mission, strategies & goals. A diverse workplace also has to be supported throughout all levels of the organisation in order to leverage the effects of diversity and to achieve a competitive business advantage. This can be challenging because people are programmed unconsciously to have a bias toward the familiar. That means that even the most well-intentioned companies might still have subjective processes in place for hiring people and evaluating performance. Inclusion can be valued as a competence that can be learned and practiced by individuals with a growth mindset. Keep in mind that there will never be an all-in-one type of solution. Systemic barriers are the result of past behaviour and set-ups of company cultures. When looking at diversity and inclusion within your workforce it’s helpful to work with a company that understands the issues related to these topics. If you are ready to build a positive and inclusive team, than Dialogue with the Dutch is ready to help!


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